Professor Mike Torres

My name is Michael Torres, I am currently a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu under Travis Tooke and the head instructor at Torres BJJ. I teach Kids and adult Brazilian jiu jiujitsu. I began my Journey when I was 20 years old while serving in the United States Army, what started as a hobby quickly became an obsession. I wanted everything I did in life to revolve around Bjj. 

While serving in the Army, I received my level 4 Combatives certification, and have been able to train and certify over 200 soldiers in the Modern Army Combatives System. I have also been able to cross-train in the Marine corps combative system, being one of the few U.S Army soldiers to hold multiple certifications in more than one branch of the U.S. Forces. The skills I have learned while serving have prepared me to become a great instructor. 

In addition, I have gained the ability to help our current and future students to become confident in their capability to defend themselves if they were ever to encounter a situation where self-defense was needed. I am a very active competitor as well, competing in national and international competitions. 

One of my favorite things about Brazilian Jiu jitsu is that the learning never ends and no matter how long you've been training or how great you are at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you become a student for life. 


 I have turned my past experience and winning mentality into a well-developed training regime. I promise I will push you hard, maybe harder than anyone has ever done before. However, I will also encourage and support you as you unlock your full potential.

Coach Cody Owens(The Texas Zombie)

Head Kickboxing instructor Cody Owens ( The Texas Zombie) 

My name is Cody Owens, aka The Texas Zombie. I am currently a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a retired Professional MMA fighter. I now teach Kickboxing/MMA to youth and adults. I’ve been training in Martial Arts for just about a decade. It started in High School where I wrestled at Klein Collins High. That gave me a platform and spring-boarded me into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. After training in BJJ for a short period of time I took an interest in MMA.


I had my first MMA fight in October of 2013. I quickly knew this would be something I would pour my heart and soul into. Over the course of 3 years and 6 amateur fights I amassed an undefeated record of 6-0 along with 3 amateur titles.  After a year of hard training, I turned Professional in April of 2017, where I quickly racked up a 3-0 record with 3 finishes. I was well on my way to the big show as they say, but this is where the story changes. 


In middle school I had a track and field accident involving the pole vault. It was that early morning practice that would change my life forever. I had taken a fall and hurt my neck pretty bad but it went misdiagnosed at the time. Five or so years later I found out the extent of that injury and what all my years of fighting had done to it. I had a compression fracture of my C5 vertebrae, spinal stenosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, bone spurs, and multiple herniations in multiple directions. I had been living, training and fighting with a literal broken neck.


This was a very jagged pill to swallow considering the direction my career was going and the amount of passion I have for fighting. I had two choices in my head. 1- Quit it all and try to forget so that I didn’t have to feel the pain or 2- Dedicate my life to teaching others all the knowledge I’ve accumulated over my years of training. 


The latter is just what I’ve done. I’ve committed to teaching all that I know. I’ve been able to lead multiple fighters to victory in the ring and cage, coached many competitors to the podium in Jiu Jitsu tournaments, as well as helped build some of the most respectable human beings around. I take pride in building great people as well as Martial Artists. If we can unlock our minds true potential, our bodies will follow. This is what I plan to do for anyone that steps foot on my mats. 


Training in martial arts has quite literally saved my life. It sounds cliche but it is very true in my case. I was a troubled youth with no guidance or direction. Martial Arts gave me structure, discipline, family and purpose. I hope to be able to give that to you. 

See you on the  mats!

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