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I want to make sure that past, current, and future clients are always in the know of what is going on with Torres Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Whether it’s one of my athletes performing well at a competiton or discovering a new and improved training technique, I would be happy to send you regular updates whenever something exciting is happening with the program.

New 4-6 Year Old Program

Little Samurais 

We are excited to annnounce the start of our new 4-6 year old program. When your child takes their first class, they will experience a program that allows them to learn very important qualities that are reinforced through our martial arts program. Your child will learn quality self-defense techniques that will help develop confidence when confronted by bulling. Our goal is to assist in your child’s early development stages and to instill a foundation that will follow them throughout the rest of their life. The foundation that is enforced on day one will help your child accept difficult challenges they will encounter and to take them head on with a “black belt attitude." Here is a list of the qualities that we will help your young martial artist develop or improve on:

• Respect- this is number one because your child will be a reflection of our program, and everyone that we interact with will be treated at the highest level of respect.

• Integrity- Be honest with yourself and the people around you. Honesty makes our life easier when we can accept our own faults.

• Dedication- All martial arts programs require years of training and are considered a necessity that helps overcome the different types of stress we deal with in life.

• Goal setting- Never Ever be stagnant, learn to set goals that improve our quality of life.

• Confidence- Is the most important one. We will help your child develop  unshakable confidence to handle altercations with bullies and be able to manage emotions when it is time to shine.

After you and I have made contact about beginning your child’s Martial Arts journey, we will schedule a free one on one introductory lesson with you and the child. During this lesson you will experience why our program is exactly what you have been looking for.


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