Client Testimonials

Coach Mike Torres is an amazing instructor!! His ability to break down and explain technique is outstanding and this does not only pertain to adults but to kids as well. His ability to interact and relate to his students is a trait that is hard to find anywhere. He is truly an amazing instructor and I highly recommend his school to anyone regardless of age or skill level.

Mike Torres is an excellent instructor and high caliber competitor. Any student enrolled in his school will have access to world class instruction and more importantly learn life lessons/morals from a very good person. I have known Mike to be a hard working individual that keeps his word. you are in good hands with him.

Jack Moores

Todd Moore

Coach Torres has a delivery and explanation or breakdown of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu for both sport and self defense matters. His eloquent and precise choice of words to explain his movement and understanding of the mechanics and functions is black belt level when it comes to coaching and teaching. Look forward to gaining a lot of wisdom as he’s a mentor on my path.

Michael Quinn

Coach Michael Torres is a dedicated Jiu-jitsu artist with an amazing ability to teach and connect with his students. I have worked with hundreds of instructors over the years and Mike is one of the best I have ever seen. I highly recommend his program for both kids and adults. You...Will...LOVE IT!

Travis Tooke

I have worked, and trained with Mr Torres. Top notch instructor with the ability to communicate to all learning styles regardless of age. But most important he is a outstanding person out of the academy as well. He is a Us Army Veteran who taught Jiujitsu to military personnel.

Miguel Castro

Coach Torres is an awesome instructor he is able to break things down so that you can easily understand no mater what skill level you are.

Krysti Richardson

I had the pleasure to train with Mike for 2 and half years. He is one of the most talented Jiujitsu practitioners I have ever comw across. His ability to break a complex technique down to the last simplest detail is also second to none. I strongly encourage anyone who is serious about Jiujitsu to visit his school. His teaching ability and technical excellence will speak for itself.

Mike is great at breaking down the techniques to the little details that make it work in an understandable and applicable way. His level of knowledge and detail really helps me tighten up my game and get past those plateaus in my training.

Peter Wang

Rachel Sanchez

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